Ways To Have A Woman Squirt

Just what is “squirting”?

Video On Female Ejaculation – AKA Squirting

One of the great things about the Internet is the way it’s increased our knowledge about sexuality, so we can all enjoy new ways of getting intense sexual pleasure. (Ways we might never even have dreamed about without the internet!)

In particular, the amazing experience of female ejaculation has become something widely seen in erotica and sex education websites. And a lot of men and women want to know more about it, to enjoy it for themselves!

Admittedly a lot of what you see on the Internet that claims to be female ejaculation is just forceful urination, but if you search for it, you can certainly find real information about female ejaculation, and the extraordinary level of sexual pleasure that goes with it.

Deborah Sundahl has written more about female ejaculation almost any other author, and her book, Female Ejaculation and the G Spot, is a classic which explains to women how the G spot can produce intense sensations of pleasure, heal damaged sexuality, and produce sexual fulfillment way beyond anything you’ve previously experienced.

Yet she cautions us all to remember that not all women can ejaculate, and women certainly don’t need to ejaculate in order to enjoy a life filled with sexual pleasure.

She says to create some kind of expected “standard” for women’s sexual activity is both foolish and counter-productive.  It’s certainly destructive of sexual enjoyment if a woman feels she has to strive to achieve a particular outcome.

So to fully grasp the context of women’s experience of female ejaculation, you have to remember that before 1981, almost nobody was writing about female ejaculation, and even those who had managed to read the very few articles written on the subject tended to disregard it as fantasy.

And then Deborah Sundahl produced a video called How to Female Ejaculate: Find Your G Spot. This amazing video, which is all about how to make a woman squirt, has now been seen by millions of women and their lovers, and it’s changed the sexual experience of hundreds of thousands of women.

So what’s it all about? Let’s delve into the mystery of female ejaculation and find out what it actually is.

Another Video On How To Make A Woman Squirt

As a woman, you might be surprised the first time you ejaculate during intercourse.

If you do ejaculate it’s almost certainly because your G spot has been receiving long slow stimulation from either a finger, a penis, or perhaps a tongue…

When Sundahl ejaculated for the first time, she says she immediately “put her nose in it” because she knew it wasn’t pee – and indeed, ejaculatory fluid produced by stimulation of the G spot is certainly not urine.

In fact it’s a fluid produced by tissue surrounding the urethra – tissue which resembles the male prostate gland tissue. This is the female prostate or Skene’s glands.

Yup, though it may be a surprise to you, women have prostate tissue – or at least something similar to it – surrounding the urethra. And it works in the same way as the male prostate gland – it produces fluid which (in the man) forms the bulk of his semen. Of course in women, there is no sperm, and there isn’t a fluid we call semen.

Though this may sound hard to believe, you have to understand that the origins of female ejaculation – and what we now know as squirting – go back as far as 1978.

Because in that year, L Sevely and J W Bennett published a report on female ejaculation and the female prostate, which was what they believed produced the fluid ejaculated during sexual stimulation in some women.

And that report caught the attention of Beverly Whipple and John Perry, sexologists both, who began to study female ejaculation more seriously.

This was really the beginning of our knowledge about how a woman could “squirt”, or “gush”, as the phenomenon became known.

A couple of years later, this work led to the publication  of a book called The G Spot and Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality, and gradually female ejaculation became known to people outside the world of science.

But interestingly enough, people seem to be obsessed with the G spot, moreso that the very arousing phenomenon of female ejaculation.

It almost looked like being able to stimulate the G spot, assuming, of course, that you could actually find it in the first place, was going to mark you out as a superb lover, able to access a gateway to unbelievable pleasure and satisfaction for your female lover.

By contrast, talk about female ejaculation was non-existent! Of course, at this stage, very few men knew how to make a woman squirt. And very few girls had even tried to find out how to squirt, with or without the help of their male lover.

Yet for the women who experienced female ejaculation, there could be no denying that squirting and the existence of the G spot was a reality.

And so women who were more interested in exploring their own sexuality rather than listening to the scientists or so-called “experts” began to talk among themselves, research, and investigate how it was possible that women could ejaculate during sexual activity.

There’s get something we need to get straight here before we go any further: there’s no question that the G spot actually exists. Even now, you’ll find newspapers which produce articles denying the reality of the G spot (also here) and suggesting that it’s some mythical creation.

You’ll even find women denying the G spot exists – which seems rather like a man suggesting that the penis doesn’t exist! But perhaps these women haven’t been opened up to the possibility that they can discover how to squirt. How to ejaculate – I mean, it’s quite a concept!

It is possible to come up with all kinds of explanations of why women and men alike are still eager to talk away the existence of the G spot, but those in the know, those who have experienced female ejaculation for themselves, won’t be in any doubt about the G spot’s existence and its capacity to add pleasure to the sexual experience.

And that is your starting point, too.

You see, accepting that the G spot really exists is the first step in allowing a woman to take ownership of her body, all at sexual function, and all its sexual possibilities.

The Discovery Of The G Spot 

Sometime around the early 1990s, work on the G spot and female ejaculation (in particular, discovering how to make a woman squirt) was being undertaken in the field of spiritual or sacred sex and Tantra.

Indeed, Margot Anand, and Charles and Caroline Muir, were pioneers in developing the field of spiritual sex in the Western world.

This led to new techniques of stimulation for the sacred spot – or G spot – to heighten sexual pleasure for women.

And for women whose G spot was not responsive to stimulation, these early pioneers of spiritual sex developed techniques of sexual healing (which, roughly speaking, means healing the wounds of childhood, both physical and emotional, in the arena of sexuality).

It’s certainly true that for men and women alike, Tantric sexuality has been very important in helping women overcome sexual blocks, in re-establishing connection with the Sacred spirit of sex in both men and women alike, and in allowing men and women to achieve a holistic and healthy sexual union which encompasses freedom of expression and the possibility of sexual growth.

Of course female sexuality appears to be more complex than male sexuality, for all kinds of reasons – not least of which is the emotional and sexual wounding which can take place in childhood.

But at the heart of all of these aspects of female sexuality lies the amazing phenomenon of female ejaculation – directly or indirectly caused by stimulation of the G spot. That is the basis of how to make a woman squirt.

How To Enjoy The Intense Excitement Of Female Ejaculation (Gushing or Squirting)